Honoring Eric

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Cascade Life Alliance

The Engholms talked about the importance of organ and tissue donation and Eric took this to heart. His selfless gesture means this tragedy provides life-saving and meaningful gifts for up to 125 others in need. Kari and Dennis were deeply touched by the compassionate team at Cascade Life Alliance that helped make this complex, emotional process possible. Donations to Cascade Life Alliance go to support their mission of saving, enhancing, and healing lives through organ donation and transplantation.

(Please also consider signing up to be an organ donor. Click here to learn the process in your state.)

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Portland Literary Arts

Eric’s love of fantasy fiction, video games, and anime stirred a vivid imagination and ultimately led to his creation of the Gilgamesh Trilogy. The First Offense: An Epic of Gilgamesh, was Eric’s first e-book published in 2021. He fully expected the trilogy to make its way to the big screen–even making a YouTube playlist with soaring, epic music perfectly suitable for a demi-god like Gilgamesh. 

Memorials in Eric’s name to Portland Literary Arts help make grants for Oregon writers possible. These grants help writers do what they do best: create. Donations support:

  • Oregon Literary Fellowships - Funding the production of new work by Oregon’s writers

  • Youth programs - Inspiring our city’s youth to find their stories and play an active role in the broader community

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